Wendy Williams Son Arrested For Assault on Dad, Kevin Hunter

Chile, now you got the kid involved?

You know this divorce is about to get super messy! According to TMZ, an altercation went down between little Kevin Jr. and Wendy Williams estranged husband Kevin Sr. early this morning! Allegedly everything was cool until the two guys had a conversation regarding Kevin Sr. wanting spousal support - you can't come for a boy's mother and think everything is all good.

No one saw this coming...not even Wendy. She dropped young Kevin off at his dad's house to get some things. They had no idea Kevin Sr. was home. From all appearances, things were good between the two even with the very mess divorce, but when the topic came up about Kevin DEMANDING spousal support, things got heated. What's crazy is, it sounds as if the altercation got physical starting with Kevin Sr. putting his son in a headlock and Kevin Jr. punched him in the nose to get out of it.

Sounds like self defense to me, but check out the updates here.

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