More Than $1 Million in Drugs Washed Up To Shore

Orange Beach, Ala -

Somebody had to have lost their street card for this one. More than $1 million worth of drugs washed ashore...and it came it WAVES (literally)! Passersby were enjoying their walk on the beach when 21 lbs of marijuana washed up with a kilo of cocaine. Then the very next day 38 kilos of cocaine!

This may have been a smuggle job gone wrong (or right depending on who you ask) because barnacles were growing on the packages they'd been in the water for so long. That didn't disturb the drugbs though. They were wrapped to perfection and protected from mother nature.

What's even weirder is how they plan to investigate this. US Customs and Border Protection plans to look into the water current history to determine where these drugs came from....Mkay. Sounding real El Chapo-ish...

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