757 Could Be Getting A New Area Code

Southeastern Virginia hasn't always been the 757 as you can see below, but more than likely if you're from here and reading this, you're a 757 native all day! Well we could be looking at a new area code soon since we are running out of numbers! As a matter of fact, we are expected to run out of numbers in 2021. Less than two years!

This doesn't mean the 757 would go away completely though. The North American Numbering Plan Administrator is proposing an additional area code where the 757 is currently used. Meaning we'd actually have to dial (757) xxx-xxxx - all 10 digits instead of seven. Same goes for whatever other area code they give us. Another proposal is splitting the 757 up....meaning some people would be required to get new numbers with the new area code.

There will be four public hearings (that you can probably catch me at front and center cause I'm a 757 girl) in August so I'll keep you posted!


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