Beyonce's Publicist Sends Message To The Beyhive After Death Threats Made

The love for Beyonce has no limits when it comes to the BeyHive.

During game 3 with the Golden State Warriors, you could see Bey and JayZ sitting courtside with Golden State's owners WIFE, Nicole Curran. Beyonce's face does appear a bit uncomfortable. Her space seemed slightly invaded, but not with ill intent. She had just ordered her water and Jay-Z was just trying to get a Vodka soda. She was trying to be hospitable since....they were her guests.

But the Beyhive looked at Beyonce's facial expressions and went straight into attack mode stalking this woman's social media and even began to threaten her life.

Well Beyonce's publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, has now stepped in with a message to the Beyhive:

"I am looking back today at the start of The OTRll tour, one year ago. It was a place of joy, unimaginable entertainment from two of the best performers in the world, and a place of love. Every single day on that tour I saw love. Which is why I also want to speak here to the beautiful BeyHIVE. I know your love runs deep but that love has to be given to every human. It will bring no joy to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name. We love you."

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