The Marathon Clothing Store Address Nipsey Hussle B-day Celebration Rumors

We're all still mourning the loss of legend, Nipsey Hussle. With what would've been his 34th birthday, 8.15, LAPD officers are already preparing for a massive turnout at The Marathon Clothing Store. There were rumors of a celebration going down at the store in honor of Nipsey, but officials for the TMC have confirmed there is not a planned event in or around the store. They issued the following statement:

We've received numerous calls and emails inquirying about a celebratory even hosted at The Marathon Store for Nipsey's birthday. There will NOT be an event hosted in or around our store. The events being posted are not endorsed by us.

Thank you,

The Marathon Clothing

Nipsey was murdered, or in the words of his mom, assassinated, on 3/31/2019 after questions on his killer being a snitch. His killer, who is alleged to be Eric Holder - still facing trial, is currently pleading not guilty on one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a fire arm by a felon and faces life in prison if convicted. Since it has been reported LAPD had been investigating Nip before being murdered, Eric Holder + his lawyers are now requesting all investigative reports on Nipsey of criminal investigations.

Mind you, the murder was all caught on camera.

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