A$AP Rocky Released From Swedish Jail

After a three day trial, A$AP Rocky has been released from jail in Sweden after being accused of assault. On June 30th A$AP and his team were allegedly being followed and harrassed and eventually had to use physical force to stop the two men from continuing. One man is seen on camera assaulting A$AP's bodyguard with a pair of headphones and in other videos A$AP is seen throwing a man across the street before standing on his arm. He is also being accused of beating the alleged victim with a bottle although eye witnesses testify this never happened. While he is being accused of a brutal assault which left head injuries to the alleged victim, A$AP has maintained that he is innocent and was acting in self defense.

Today the Swedish judge was unable to issue a verdict and has decided to release Rocky and his associates while awaiting the verdict on 8/14.

This leaves a lot of people shocked as even President #45 was unable to get A$AP released after guaranteeing his bail. This plea was rejected by Swedish government because they did not want to include politics in this case. "In Sweden everyone is equal before the law and that the government cannot interfere in legal procredings" - a statement from Swedish government spokesperson.

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