A$AP Rocky Found Guilty on Assault Charges in Sweden

A$AP Rocky has been found guilty of assault on a Sweden man after getting into a documented altercation on 6/30/2019.

Majority of the incident was caught on camera. The two Sweden men followed A$AP and his team through the streets before one of them became irate and began striking A$AP's bodyguard with his headphones. The situation became so out of control for the bodyguard that A$AP had to also get involved not just in self-defense, but also because his bodyguard was essentially being jumped. According to Rocky's bodyguard, he acted properly and followed protocol by jumping in to have his back.

The "good news" is A$AP won't spend anymore time in jail. He and the other two people on his team all received suspended sentences and will have to pay a fine to the victim. Even better, the victim, who asked for $15k, will only be getting $2500 in his pocket in addition to having to cover the victim's court cost which totaled $20k.


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