Original Power Theme Song Coming Back for Ep. 3!

It really happened. Y'all bullied the bully!

"The original theme song will play this Sunday Coming. Episode 603 I directed this episode I promise it's crazy. POWER #1 #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac" - posted by 50 cent (@50cent) on Twitter.

Power fans went crazy when season six premiered only to their apparent disappointment when they heard Trey Songz on the theme song instead of Joe. Check out the two tracks below:

Just scroll through The Shaderoom's comments (@theshaderoom) on Instagram or even 50 Cent's social media and you'll see mixed reviews of the new theme song. Trey Songz seemed to have been caught in the crossfire and fed up with the backlash so he responded:

Problem solved! The original will be back 9/8!

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