DoorDash, MAJOR Data Breach

As I type this, I just ordered from DoorDash knowing about the data breach, but ready to risk it all cause I'm HANGRY!

Approx. 4.9 million DoorDash customers, workers and merchants will need to get new credit/debit card numbers after it was discovered DoorDash has fallen victim to a major data breach. Apparently, this breach occured on 5/4/2019, but if you joined AFTER 4/5/2018, you're safe. If you are a customer, the last four of you credit/debit card number has been exposed. Delivery workers and merchants had the last four of their bank account numbers stolen and also approx. 100,000 delivery workers drivers license information was stolen. At this time, DoorDash has no explanation for how the breach occured.

There's only one way to resolve this, food!