Kanye West Pushes Back New Album Release Indefinitely

Yeah because we didn't see this coming at all, right?

Kanye West's album, Jesus is King, which was originally titled Yhandi, which was originally scheduled to be released 09/2018 and then 11/2018 and then the name changed and the release date, according to Kanye, was 09/27/2019...Yeah, THAT album has now been delayed Indefinitely again. This past friday 09/27/2019, Kim Kardashian confirmed, on behalf of her husband, that the album was only being delayed for two days. Meaning we should've had this album last night at the latest.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Stories

Apparently, Kanye is continuously listening to this album and hearing imperfections. Who knows when we'll get this new music.

In other Kanye news, he announced at a private listening party over the weekend that he is done making secular music. That's right. Only gospel music going forward. This is all hear-say though because at this listening party no cell phones were allowed. Therefore, we can't confirm that this is 100% accurate, but my gut says it's all factual.

I'm all for it, personally. When you find your lane, stick with it! I just want the album, Ye.

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