Soul Train Awards: Summer Walker Wins Best New Artist!

Our good sis Summer Walker isn't new to the music world, but definitely is new to the spotlight. Recently, she announced the majority of the remaining of her tour would be cancelled because she suffers from social anxiety. Sadly, this means the 757 tour stop was also axed from what's left of the tour.

Naturally, she has caught some backlash, but just as much support from fans and even went into detail in a post on Instagram this evening, on how hard it was to get up and accept the award for Best New Artist at the BET Soul Train Awards:

"I wasn’t even gonna go today cause I was to scared, I was literally asking@lvrngramto just get me a wrist band so I could sit in the back alone in my reg deg clothes. When I got there I doged the red carpet and tried to get escorted through the back, finally getting to my seat I had to keep sneaking to pat my underarms from sweating, for no reason other than people were looking at me, I kept my arms folded and tried not to be seen. by the time my name was called I couldn’t get a speech out like everyone one else from being so nervous & was shaking BUT I pushed through my#socialanxietytoday and I’m really glad I did ..cause the soul train experience is something any true music lover will never forget🖤"

Mental health is real so there's no love lost on this end because she isn't able to make the tour stop here in the 757. Her album will continue to be streamed and we look forward to what more is to come. Check out her :17 acceptance speech below.

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