Thanksgiving Day: Cleaning Your Turkey 101...Or Not

Am I the only one that's not big on turkey? This message is for my readers who are OR the chef's on the page!

We're coming up on Thanksgiving Day and we'll likely all be eating the same foods, but the MAIN dish is what we need to discuss. According to food experts, you should wash your hands and the surfaces you'll be preparing the turkey on, but not the actual turkey itself, Why? Washing the Turkey could spread the germs and bacteria to other foods and other surfaces. There are myths that actually washing the Turkey will get all of those bad germs and bacteria off, but the USDA says some germs are so tightly bound to the meat, it's impossible to get it off and you could cross contaminate surrounding items.

Just want to make sure all your Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkey, YOU NAME IT is all good this holiday szn!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

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