DaBaby Detained for Questioning of Robbery in Miami, Florida

DaBaby has been detained, but not officially arrested, in connection to an assault and battery and robbery that took place this afternoon in Miami, Fl.

It's being said the person's seen in the video attacking the man are members of DaBaby's team.

This is the second incident in less than a couple of weeks that DaBaby has had with police, fueling the rumors that he's being targeted by law enforcement. After performing in Charlotte, North Carolina just last week, he was cited for marijuana possession. His issue with this is not only the fact that he says whenever he's in the city, he's targeted by CMPD, but also he believes his car was illegally searched by the 15 cops who swarmed it.

There were more run ins with the law he experienced in 2019 from an alleged attack to carrying a concealed gun, but what a way to kick off 2020. Read more here.

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