VA #8 State Most Annoyed by Robocalls in 2019

Of all things to leave in 2019, those super annoying robocalls are at the top of a lot of our lists!

Residents in Virginia were estimated to have been robocalls more than 1.5 billion times last year. Those scam likely calls - SCAM LIKELY! "Scam Likely" hit us up more than our significant others last year. As a matter of fact, the average Virginia resident received 14.9 robocalls per month. They even got smarter and made their number come from an area code applicable to you!

The good news is, we can leave Scam Likely in 2019! If you are an iPhone user, dial #662# to deactivate all Scam Likely calls.

Another option is silencing unknown callers by going to Settings > Phone:

That way if a call comes through, but it's not saved in your contacts, they go straight to voicemail!

With Androids, the process is very similar. Go to Settings > In the search bar, type 'Call Settings' and click on the icon > Select the settings icon at the top right of the screen > Block numbers > Click 'Block unknown callers.'

Of course you can always register on the Do Not Call Registry here.

Not all heroes wear capes! Lol hopefully this helps reduce those annoying calls in 2020!

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