Yung Joc Job Shamed for Driving for Ride Share App

Since when is it ok to judge how people get their money?

Yung Joc was spotted and subsequently recorded driving for Pull Up N Go - a ride share app similar to Uber or Lyft. Sounds like an honest living right? Well his passenger thought this must've meant he "fell off or something."

Joc handled this like a grown man should! So much so that the person recorded said "He actually didn't react how I thought he would. He just basically was telling me that's my problem if I feel he fell off for having multiple streams of income" when asked about his "fell off" comments.

There's been some speculation that this was an amazing marketing ploy to help promote the company and Joc was 'in' on this whole thing, but even if it's not, Joc's reasoning for driving, an easy way to get some money and meet new people, is perfectly fine! Money is money.

Furthermore, we still have his music in rotation and as long as that's happening, we can be assured he is cashing in on those royalty checks, k? Let's not forget his appearances on Love & Hip-Hop. Even taking a peek at his current net worth, as of about eight-hours ago, he's sitting at about $8 million.

All I'm saying is, the average millionaire has at least seven streams of income. Not judgment from this end!

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