DaBaby Issues Apology After Smacking Woman in the Face

What a way to kick off International Women's Day -

DaBaby has issued an apology after slapping a woman in the face early this morning. As he was walking past the fan, her light from her phone was shining in his face and then you can see the phone make contact with his face. Shortly after the incident, he hopped on Instagram to offer $10k to anyone who could provide him with a different angle of the incident to show she hit him with her phone intentionally. Well, it's not clear if someone paid up, but a video with a different angle was located and it does show what happened a bit more clearly.

In his apology, he defends himself by saying "I couldn't see cause you got the flash this close to me which is ok. It's no problem." Well from the looks of that slap, it was most definitely a problem. Check out his apology below.