Canada Residents to Receive $2K/Month for Up To 4 Months

Just a quick reminder, Canada has closed their border off. So, pretty sure our applications to apply to be a resident would be DENIED!

Just like the US, Canada has their own stimulus package that is aiming to get residents $2,000/month for up to four months - it's called the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and it was unveiled by Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, just a few days ago. Beneficiaries of this money includes anyone who is sick, quarantined or laid off due to the Coronavirus; Parents with sick family-members, children who have to stay home because school/daycare is closed; Contract workers/self-employed workers whose business was reduced or temporarily closed; Workers who still have jobs, but are receiving a reduced income due to modified hours of operation.

The US stimulus package is similar in who it is available to, all residents. The main difference, of course, is residents will receive a one-time payout of $1200.

The good news is, we want to help out too. Listen in for a chance to get $1000 to put towards bills, groceries or whatever other financial needs you may have. More details here.

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