How to Make Your Own CDC Approved Face Covering

We know staying home is the BEST way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but in some cases you may need to step out for a few. If you do, now the CDC is recommending everyone wear face masks in public settings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Finding one may be pretty hard if not impossible. While we want to ensure we leave the N95 masks for the medical professionals on the front line, U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams gives us a quick tutorial on how to make our own with just a few household items.

Of course, in addition to your face masks you also want to continue practicing the CDC's recommended social distancing guidelines:

  • Staying home from work, school, and all activities when you are sick with COVID-19 symptoms, which may include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.
  • Keeping away from others who are sick.
  • Limiting close contact with others as much as possible (about 6 feet).

Just a few extra that you probably already know:

  • Wash your hands AT MINIMUM 45 seconds
  • Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times
  • Disinfect any outside items that you bring in (groceries + other items from the store.

The quicker and longer we stay inside, the quicker we can go back outside!


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