Virginia Protestors At State Capitol Demanding The State Be Reopened

March 30, 2020 Governor Northam issued a mandatory Stay-At-Home order for the state of Virginia. This remains in effect until June 10th. He also issued a closure of all non-essential businesses which was set to expire on April 30, 2020, but he extended that closure until May 8th. This extension prompted Virginians to head down to the capital and exercise their First Amendment right to protest peacefully. They are demanding the state be reopened immediately.

In the Facebook Live video below from Richmond's 12 On Your Side, you can even see a man holding a sign that says "Quarantine is for sick people." Sick people should absolutely quarantine and isolate themselves from everyone else, but because this virus is also airborne, quarantining also protects people that haven't been exposed from being exposed.

The Stay-At-Home order doesn't require to lock yourself in your home 24/7. You can actually view the full order here.

If you just need some fresh air, definitely get some. Just make sure to wear a mask, bandana, scarf, etc to cover your nose and mouth to prevent exposure.

Do you feel the state is in a position to reopen?

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