7 Things You'll Never See At McDonald's Again

It's no secret the Coronavirus has made a lot of us even more cautious and McDonald's has made the decision to be more cautious forever! In an effort to protect their customers and employees, they've announced seven things you'll never see at their restaurants again:

  1. Bare floors without social-distancing floor decals and markers
  2. Masses huddled at the counter, waiting for food - they plan to implement table-side services.
  3. Dining tables without partitions
  4. Entrances without hand sanitizers
  5. Entry points without hand-wash stations
  6. Employees not wearing gloves
  7. An always-opened McDonald's PlayPlace - in fact, the playground areas could remain closed forever

As you can expect, going back to "normal" is not likely. Social distancing may just be the new normal...