Phase 1: Are You Going Back to Your Old Grooming Routine?

Most guys are a bit skeptical about cutting/lining up their own hair...especially when it comes to that line-up because nobody wants their edges pushed back, but for those of us that are use to being pampered every couple of weeks, will you be returning back to your normal routine?

In a world where press-ons are the new 'thing' and Youtube teaches you how to do just about any hairstyle you desire, some salons are noticing their clients aren't returning in Phase 1 because in their logic "If I can do it myself and save, why pay someone else to do it?" Unfortunately, that leaves our small and local business struggling to make ends meet.

Businesses are already seeing lower numbers due to restrictions still in place during Phase 1:

Personal Grooming

  • Appointment only, strict social distancing, face coverings required.

Have you created a new self-care at home routine or will you be returning back to your favs?

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