NBA Releases Season Schedule for Restart

The NBA season came to a hard stop March 11, 2020 when the Coronavirus Pandemic started affecting the world and even some players. Out of the 302 players tested for COVID-19, 16 produced positive results. Prior to shutting down the entire season, a conversation was had to try and keep the season going, but fan-less. Players like Lebron James weren't feeling this suggestion, “We play games without the fans? Nah, that’s impossible,” James said. “I ain’t playing if I ain’t got the fans in the crowd. That’s who I play for. I play for my teammates, and I play for the fans. That’s what it’s all about. So if I show up to an arena and there ain’t no fans in there, I ain’t playing. They can do what they want to do.” Eventually he backtracked this statement, but still wasn't happy with the idea, “I still think, like, having a game without fans is just — what is the word ‘sport’ without ‘fan’?” James continued. “There’s no excitement. There’s no crying. There’s no joy. There’s no back-and-forth.”

Good news...bad news

Good news: The NBA season will resume/restart July 30th.

Bad news: No fans will be permitted to attend the games for the 2020-2021 season so hopefully we'll see James on that court.

Check out the full schedule here.

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