757 Is Primary Cause of Increase in COVID-19 Cases in Virginia

Governor Northam made it clear today in his COVID-19 press conference that he's aware of the increase in cases in Virginia and he's also aware of why. Non-compliance with the face coverings mandate and failure to adhere to social distancing rules are the main culprit. Going forward, your license could be at risk for non-compliance. While Northam made it clear he does not want people arrested for not complying, he does believe civil penalties could be implemented if these guidelines are not adhered to.

Enforcement of these regulations will especially be focused in Hampton Roads.

He even indicated some of Phase 2's guidelines could go back into effect such as the limit of gatherings more than 50 people which could affect tons of businesses such as restaurants, night clubs, gyms, etc.

Check out the social distancing/best practices to help curb the spread of COVID-19 here.

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