Michigan Student Incarcerated For Failing to Do School Work During Pandemic


Back in the day you would just get a solid zero for not completing your school work and that'd be the end of it, but not in 2020. In 2020, you can, apparently, get sent to a detention center for not doing your schoolwork.

According to Pro Publica, 15 year old Grace, who was already on probation, is currently incarcerated for violating her probation. The violation? Failing to complete her schoolwork. Because Grace is a minor, details on why she was on probation are not available. Even with her being on probation, this punishment is pretty unheard of.

With the spotlight being on racial inequality right now, it brings the question of why this young black girl is being punished so harshly for this. Approximately 15k high school students in Los Angeles, California, 1/3 of the students in the Minneapolis Public School system, and a quarter of Chicago Public Schools students also failed to log in or complete their schoolwork during the pandemic.

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