Dollar Tree, Family Dollar No Longer Requiring Face Masks At All Stores

"In accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are requiring all Associates and vendors to wear face coverings when inside our stores," the retailers' latest policy states. "We also request that our customers wear face coverings, and require face coverings where required by state or local ordinance."

Dollar Tree & Family Dollar stores are no longer requiring face masks to be worn by customers when inside of the store. Instead, they are requesting that customers wear their face masks. This is only applicable in states where face masks are not required by state or local ordinance.

Here in Virginia, Governor Northam has mandated a policy in which everyone must wear a face mask. He also tweeted if business are not enforcing this guideline, their license will be on the line.

So Virginia will not be affected by Dollar Stores/Family Dollar's request and must adhere to the guidelines in place.

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