Health Experts: Wear A Mask...At Home

Medical Face mask Illustrative photo concept

Everywhere you go now, the motto is "Mask up", but now health experts are suggesting even wearing a mask at home. According to Dr. Mike Dacey, “There’s an over 50 percent transmission rate in some studies people within a house having a family member who is infected."

Maybe you've decided you want to have a kickback. When you have friends over or if you're at the comfortability level of having a full on kickback, definitely wear your mask.


Some people are carriers, but asymptomatic. So, not only do you have to worry about who have your close friends been around that could've been exposed, but you also have to consider yourself. Who have you been around? Ultimately, you don't want to put your friends or family at risk. Add to that a family member quarantined in a section of your home because they've tested positive. You don't want those problems. So, when you have guest or around someone who may have caught the Coronavirus, mask up. Also, keep in mind the new, but familiar, restrictions going into effect on Friday in Hampton Roads:

  • No alcohol sales after 10p
  • Restaurant closures at midnight.
  • No gatherings in public or private places of more than 50 people.

This is all in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. The quicker we all mask up, the quicker we can really go back OUTSIDE outside!

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