Trey Songz Responds to New Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Trey Songz is back in the news with accusations of sexual harassment after Instagram star and socialite, Celina Powell, brought her friend, Aliza on an interview on No Jumper - a podcast hosted by Adam22. "I got peed on too," said Aliza. "I didn't know what happened he just did it. He just did it." It didn't take much encouraging from Celina for Aliza to say who she was referring to. "B***h, please say who!" "Trey Songz," Aliza responds, claiming Songz followed her into the bathroom after the pair were intimate and proceeded to pee on her.

Trey Songz didn't waste time responding to those accusation and he posted receipts on his twitter @TreySongz

If you remember, this isn't the first time Trey Songz has been accused of sexual harassment. He addressed that as well in the receipts posted on his twitter.

Celina and her friend didn't just drag his name though. They talked Tory Lanez, OnlyFans + more. Check out the full episode below!

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