Justice for Baby Honesty - 1 Month Old and Mother Shot in Norfolk

Last night I received an email from the family of Baby Honesty, a one month old who has already been a victim of gun violence. Honesty was born July 25th and exactly one month after her birth, she was outside with her mom and four other people when Honesty and two others were shot. The family is now calling for justice of Baby Honesty:

Good evening Ambie,

My name is Jazmin Sherard and I am emailing you on behalf of my family and baby Honesty. On the night of August 25th, my cousin and her one month old baby were shot on the 800 block of East Princess Anne Road. The shooting resulted in one month old Honesty sustaining life-threatening injuries resulting in her having surgery to repair damage done to her femur, pelvis, one of her ovaries, one of her fallopian tubes, and extensive damage to her rectum. In addition, her mother also sustained injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

Please understand that this email is not for our personal gain, but an effort to raise awareness on the condition of our community and its impact on our children. Baby Honesty has barely been on this earth for 30 days and is already a statistic of gun violence. This is what the world and our community has come to.

On behalf of my family and baby Honesty, I have created a gofundme campaign to assist with funds that will be utilized to offset the medical costs that the mother and grandmother of Honesty will be left to take care of due to a senseless and disgusting act of violence. In addition I am taking action on behalf of my family by writing letters to state legislators to reconsider Senate Bill 16 which would have prevented the sale of assault weapons such as AK-47’s which baby honesty was injured by.

I’ve attached the link to the news article and the link to the GoFundMe below. We understand if you are not able to donate, however if you would be gracious enough to share on your social media platforms to assist in our efforts of making individuals aware of what’s going on in our communities, we would be forever grateful.

If anyone has any information regarding this senseless and disgusting act of violence that will forever alter the life of baby Honesty, her mother, grandmother, siblings, and extended family, we ask that they please contact the Norfolk Police Department immediately.

I hope to hear from you soon. 

Norfolk Police Chief, Larry Boone, is now asking for the community to match the energy behind the push for social and racial justice, and put it behind the fight against gun violence.

Honesty's grandmother says her daughter, Jakireya, was holding Honesty when someone walked by and opened fire. Now, Baby Honesty has a shattered pelvis, both femurs were hit and there's damage to her reproductive system.

Details on how you can help the family can be found here.

We have a problem right here in our backyard and we have to fix it NOW.

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