Lawsuit Filed to Keep Kanye West Off of Virginia Presidential Ballot

Two things are no secret: 1) Election campaigns are messy and 2) Kanye West's presidential election has been a rocky one. Yet and still he has managed to make it on to Virginia's presidential ballot for the upcoming general election in November. He even tweeted on 08/21/20:

"Praise God ... look at all the ballots we’re on On 🕊




West Virginia







Well, pretty soon we may have to remove Virginia from that list because the rapper is being accused of election fraud.

Attorneys for Perkins Coie filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging 11 of the 13 of West's 13 electors may be invalid. In the Commonwealth of Virginia a part of the criteria on to appear on the ballot is a candidate must have 13 electors pledge their support.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says, "The Commonwealth of Virginia, including the state elections officials and entities named as Defendants, does not tolerate any type of election fraud. Similarly, this Court has had little patience for keeping candidates on the ballot who have used underhanded and fraudulent tactics to 'steal a spot on the ballot.'"

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