Kanye West Officially Removed From Virginia Presidential Ballot

Well that was quick.

Earlier this week a lawsuit was filed to have Kanye West removed from Virginia's presidential ballot. As of 09.03.20, West is officially no longer on our ballot. The opportunity of window to get back on VA's ballot is quickly closing as we are expected to start printing mail-in ballot's by 09.19.20.

The term "election fraud" was used in the recent lawsuit filed against the rapper. Attorneys for Perkins Coie, a nationally prominent democratic firm, filed a lawsuit 09.02.20 alleging 11 of the 13 of West's 13 electors may be invalid. In the Commonwealth of Virginia a part of the criteria on to appear on the ballot is a candidate must have 13 electors pledge their support.

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Kanye hired a Roanoke-based attorney who said, "For the court to remove an African American from the ballot at plaintiff’s request — if anything, this summer has taught us we all need to reexamine the way we look at how disparate treatment of a whole segment of our society for 350 years affects every aspect of our life, whether it’s the police department, whether it’s schools . . . whether it’s sports,” he said. “Today’s subject is elections."

It's not about the race. It's more about the ethics.

Doesn't look like they'll be a #KanyeForPresident2020 this election.

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