Odell Beckham Jr.'s ALLEGED Bedroom Habits Exposed

Odell Beckham Jr. has been trending all morning and it isn't because of football.

In a recent interview, Chief Keef's babymama, Slim Danger, detailed her bedroom experience with OBJ and she had some interesting things to say:

In the interview on Celina Powell's podcast "No Jumper", Slim Danger tries to cover her bases and avoid any potential lawsuits by starting off calling it all ALLEGED. She claims the pro football player likes to be defecated on, but she says she couldn't do it. She also told the hosts he apparently likes poor hygiene, "He wanted me to come on a plane and he was like, 'Make sure you don't have any underwear, don't take a shower for twenty-four hours.''

Majority of social media doesn't seem to believe these claims and, if anything, simply thinks it's funny.

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