Kanye West Files Appeal to Get Name Back on Virginia Presidential Ballot

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Looks like Kanye West isn't going down without a fight. The rapper has hired two new lawyers, Trevor Stanley and Mark Braden, and filed an appeal to have his name placed back on Virginia's presidential ballot.

It was reported last week that a judge ordered West's name be removed from the ballots after being accused of election fraud. In Virginia, to qualify as an independent candidate for president, the candidate must file petitions with 5,000 signatures of registered voters — 200 from each congressional district — and the petitions must include 13 Elector Oaths. The problem came in with his Elector Oaths. The judge said 11 of his 13 Elector Oaths were "improper, fraudulent, and/or misleading".

He even tweeted on 08/21/20:

"Praise God ... look at all the ballots we’re on On 🕊




West Virginia







But don't bet on seeing his name on the ballots in Virginia because the process to remove his name has already begun.

Maybe try again in 2024...? *shrugs*

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