Lauren London Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Lauren London is literally one of the most private actors in the game. So, fans were pretty shocked, to say the least, to read she is pregnant. The Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper published an article and even reposted it on Instagram confirming the unconfirmed news.

(@lasentinelnews) Warmth and Positivity Surrounds the News of Actress Lauren London’s Pregnancy - Los Angeles Sentinel

A L.A. Sentinel source confirmed that actress Lauren Nicole London is pregnant. Information is still being gathered, but there is an undeniable sense of warmth surrounding the news. The American actress, model, and television personality has experienced many different levels of grief behind losing her significant other and father to her child, Nipsey Hussle, but being a mother has been an anchor through her waves of sadness. The ATL movie star is looking to celebrate later this week, with an intimate baby shower.

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Nipsey Hussle's former bodyguard first denied the rumor and then Lauren London herself shut down the rumors and confirmed she is NOT pregnant.

Without a doubt the love London had for Nipsey Hussle will never die, but if/when she chooses to move on, that's her business.

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