Tessica Brown, aka Gorilla Glue Girl, GoFundMe Under Investigation

This story has so many twists and turns!

If you aren't familiar with Tessica Brown, formerly dubbed "Gorilla Glue Girl", catch up here.

After launching a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses, Brown set her goal at $1,500 but ended up raising over $23k. However, people started getting skeptical about what she really sprayed in her hair after attempting it themselves (don't try it). Some even speculated she planned the whole thing and it was all a lie (in Karlie Redd's voice). Well so many people started calling GoFundMe expressing their concern that the entire account is now under investigation.

According to Tessica "They won’t even release it to me because that many people have called and said it was a fraudulent account," she told the New York Post of the money. "Every time you look at it, it says it’s under investigation."

She says she planned on donating the funds to The Restore Foundation and her church, St. Bernard Parrish. It may not be out of the question as a rep for GoFundMe responded and confirmed the funds are actually on the way to her. "Prior to the withdrawal, we asked that she clearly state how she intends to use the funds," the rep said.

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