New Loosened Restrictions on VA Go Into Effect Today!

Typically today, April Fools Day, is filled with a bunch of pranks and jokes, but this is the real deal...promise.

As a result of more residents of VA getting vaccinated and the COVID numbers slowly improving, Governor Northam decided to inch Virginia a little closer to normalcy today by loosening the restrictions we currently have in place. As of today, the following restrictions are in place:

  1. Indoor capacity - 50 people (Up from 10)
  2. Outdoor capacity - 100 people (Up from 25)
  3. Indoor entertainment venues - Up to 500 people or 30% capacity (Up from 250)
  4. Outdoor entertainment venues - up to 30% of capacity (no numerical cap - Up from 1,000)
  5. Recreational sports (including high school) outdoor spectator limit - 500 people
  6. Recreational sports (including high school) indoor spectator limit - 100 people
  7. Alcohol sales allowed until midnight (no change)
  8. Social distance 6ft, continued mask-wearing (no change)