Ice Cube Files Suit Against Robinhood App

Ice Cube is not having it with Robinhood.

He has filed a lawsuit against the trading app for likeness and misquoting his lyrics in an ad. The company not only used a picture of Ice Cube to advertise their Snacks services, but also played on his lyrics stating, "Correct yourself before you wreck yourself."

A source close to the rapper says, "This is Robinhood exhibiting lack of respect for the law or the people they hurt. Ice Cube did NOT license his image nor his lyrics printed next to his picture, and would never endorse Robinhood. When asked to take it down because he was offended, Robinhood refused. In addition, calling blatant propaganda for Robinhood's trading app and online services merely 'editorial use' shows someone needs to send their lawyer back to school.”

According to Ice Cube, and it's pretty obvious anyway, the ad makes it look like Ice Cube is endorsing the company in which he is absolutely not. Ice Cube says Robinhood is the "antithesis of everything Ice Cube stands for and says their products and services are "horrible"


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