Walmart And Kanye's Logos Are Oddly Similar, Legal Action Taken

It's a battle of the logos.

Both Kanye West and Walmart have logos of a sun, but Walmart's is made up of six solid, thick lines and Kanye's has eight dotted/dashed lines. The problem is they are just a little too similar for Walmart's comfortability. So, they reached out about five times to give him an opportunity to either change the logo or come to some sort of compromise but received no response. Now, the legal action begins.

Walmart's attorney Erica Goven stated, "As we have previously mentioned, with the little information provided in the intent to use application, it is difficult for Walmart to determine, without more information from Yeezy, how the parties could work together to eliminate confusion." She continues "Unfortunately, since Walmart has not received any substantive feedback, in order for Walmart to preserve its rights and protect the Walmart Spark Design, Walmart must move forward in filing a Notice of Opposition against the Yeezy Application. Despite the filing of the Notice of Opposition, we remain hopeful of having productive discussions around Yeezy’s proposed use of the Yeezy Application."

There's a lesson to be learned in every situation, pick and choose your battles. Kanye might be a billionaire, but he's on the low end compared to Walmart. If he wants to keep his $chmoney, hopefully, he'll reach out to the retail corporation and find a middle ground, but don't get those pockets ran through!

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