Governor Northam Issues State of Emergency Due to VA Gasoline Shortage

The Colonial Pipeline, which supplies about 45% of all fuel on the East Coast was hit with a cyberattack last week and shut down all operations on Friday, May 7th.

We are now starting to see and feel the effects after tons of Virginia gas stations have run out of fuel. Governor Northam declared a State of Emergency which allows state agencies to issue their own waivers as required by state.

“This emergency declaration will help the Commonwealth prepare for any potential supply shortages and ensure Virginia motorists have access to fuel as we respond to this evolving situation,” said Governor Northam.

This order is in effect until June 10, 2021, but could be rescinded before then and also protects against price gouging.

During the pandemic, we saw a lot of panic purchases such as toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, disinfectant spray and wipes. Try to just get the gas you need instead of panic filling so no one is left out.

Minimize gas usage by

  • Driving with the windows down instead of using the A/C
  • Run multiple errands in one trip
  • Take out any heavy objects before driving because the heavier the vehicle, the more gas usage.

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