Virginia COVID Restrictions to be Lifted This Friday

This time last year, there was no end in sight to any kind of normalcy in VA or pretty much any other state, but almost a year and a half later, we're here!

After Virginia's number drastically decreased and managed to maintain that trend, Governor Northam made the decision to lift our COVID restrictions on capacity and distancing beginning Friday, May 28th. This is just in time for Memorial Day weekend festivities!

There is one thing that will remain the same for some - masks. If you are not fully vaccinated, your mask will have to remain on. So basically, we're going by the honor system. Do everyone, including yourself, a favor and if you are not fully vaccinated, mask up so we don't end up in another shutdown. Of course, if you are fully vaccinated and still want to keep your mask on, that is perfectly ok!

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

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