Queen Naija Turns to Iyanla Vanzant To Help Her Family

No one wins when the family feuds. Queen Naija is taking steps towards getting the help the family needs.

After nine years and eight seasons, Iyanla Fix My life has come to an end, but that doesn't mean Iyanla still can't fix lives. It just won't be televised which may be best when it comes to celebs.

Queen Naija and her sister and former manager have all been going back and forth over past hurts. In a post on Hollywood Unlocked's Instagram (@HollywoodUnlocked) the sisters not only go back and forth, but Queen's former manager also stepped in with some accusations of her own.

So, Queen apparently DM'd Iyanla Vanzant to hopefully step in and do some damage control. She commented under one of Iyanla's post and kept it simple with "please dm me back."

Fingers crossed Iyanla reaches out to Queen Naija so she can resolve her issues with her family and former manager.

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