Ye Putting Finishing Touches on Donda Album Scheduled for Release Tonight

Let's try this again,

Tonight is the night Kanye West will hold another listening party in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta which is also where he's been living for the past two weeks. Fans have been waiting since July of 2020 which is when the album was originally scheduled to drop. Then, it was rescheduled to 7/23/2021 and the day before its scheduled release, Kanye held a global live-streamed listening party. We should have known when Jay-Z's verse came in at 4P on the day of the first album listening party that we wouldn't get this album when he told us we would. One thing we didn't know was that Kanye would MOVE INTO the Mercedes-Benz Stadium until he felt the album was complete.

So here we are again with reports that he is putting the finishing touches on the album. Hopefully we'll have something to stream tonight at midnight!

This album better be album of the year the way he's hyping it!

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