'Nah He/She Tweakin' - What is Going on With Instagram?

Makes you just want to closed out the app doesn't it?

Yesterday a lot of Instagram users comment sections were filled with comments saying "Nah He/She Tweakin" and nobody understood where it was coming from. It was all over The ShadeRoom's post. When Doja Car announced she's hosting the MTV VMA's, her comment section was spammed with the annoying phrase. Now everyone wants to know, where did it come from. Well, you can thank the new Chief Impact Officer at Taco Bell, Lil Nas X, for the tagline. After it was announced Tony Hawk will be releasing blood infused skateboards, Lil Nas X felt a way after he tried to release blood infused Nike's and they were quickly pulled down.

Well, on a post about it on Rap TV's Instagram account, Lil Nas X responded with "Nah he tweakin" and now the phrase has possibly gon viral.

Instagram is aware of the annoying issue and had this to say about it:

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