The Two Moments From Kanye's Listening Event That We're Talking About

Kanye West, soon to be known as 'Ye', held his third listening party for his unreleased album, Donda, in his hometown, Chicago. It was interesting, to say the least.

He took some bold moves bringing Marilyn Manson and DaBaby out on stage. Both are currently making headlines for sexual assault and anti-gay allegations. That definitely has sparked some conversations from fans and celebs like Raphael Saadiq who wasn't aware of the allegations Manson is currently facing and posted a photo at the Donda event.

But the moments that had everyone in shock:

  1. Kanye and Kim replicated a marriage. Whether this was a symbol of their reconciliation or just an estranged wife being supportive to her husband, that part is still unclear.
  2. Kanye kicked off the listening party, which was more like a concert, walking across the stage on fire!

One thing is for sure, he definitely knows how to entertain.

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