Shooting at Heritage High School in Newport News

A shooting was reported this morning at 11:38a inside Heritage High School in Newport News. At this time two 17-year-olds were confirmed shot, one male in the side of the face and a female in her leg. There were other injuries reported as students were running out of the school such as a sprained ankle and asthma attack. Police are still looking for a suspect in this shooting at this time.

Parents can pick up their students from the tennis court area of the school. There are false rumors that there are active shooters at nearby schools, Police Chief, Steve Drew, has confirmed there is no active threat at this time. Nearby schools are currently on a lockdown as s precaution and there is a heavy police presence. If you are heading to the area to pick up a student, expect traffic and delays.

As of 2P, all students have been evacuated from the school, and students remaining are being held in the tennis courts area.

UPDATE 2:43p - Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew has confirmed the suspect is in custody and they have recovered the firearm at the scene. He would not confirm if the suspect was a student, but did confirm he was not located at the school.

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