Summer Walker's 'Still Over It' Biggest Album Debut EVER

Whew! There might be a lot of drama behind this album, but one thing is for sure - Summer Walker never fails to come through with the music for the soul!

Her latest album, Still Over It, has broken several records in the week that it's been out.

  • Biggest Album Debut EVER
    • By A Female Identifying Artist
  • Biggest RnB Album Debut EVER
  • No. 1 in Markets Globally
  • ALL Songs Currently Charting Between No. 1 and No. 22

While the album is clearly doing great, Summer and London definitely are not. The two are currently publicly disputing London's involvement in Summer's sophomore album. However, she cleared up the rumors and says "The most he did was sprinkle a wind chime effect on a song that was already done then put his name on it, the last album he actually did the work, and it was a great project. He super talented, but for this album, lol no sir, but I guess guess the city boys is up, taking credit for ish you ain;t do and not actually having to take care of the kids you made."

Sheesh, give us a bonus album, sis.

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