Kanye Releases New Visuals for 'Eazy' Again Attacking Pete Davidson

At some point, enough just has to be enough.

Kanye has released new visuals for his track with The Game 'Eazy.' This time in the video, he isn't burying Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian's current boyfriend, alive, but he is definitely still attacking Pete.

It's interesting he released this just days after hiring Hollywood Unlock's Jason Lee as his new media manager. A part of his job duties will include being in charge of Ye's broker deals as well as managing his public image. What's also interesting is the fact that Ye even hired Jason Lee after he ran a story just last month stating Queen Elizabeth ll died after suffering from COVID. When Lee was confronted with the false story he responded with, 'We don't post lies and I always stand by my sources. Waiting for an official statement from the palace.' That statement never came because the Queen is still alive. Eventually, Lee retracted the story and was forced to apologize. Nevertheless, that whole story is still fresh, but Ye must still believe in him since he has made him an official part of the team.

Well, Jason should tell his new client what harassment is.

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