The Weeknd Threatened to Quit Coachella if He Wasn't Paid That Kanye Check

Coachella almost had to find a headliner AGAIN after The Weeknd threatened to pull out if they didn't pay him what they were planning to pay Kanye.

If you recall, Kanye West, now just known as Ye, dropped out of Coachella recently leaving them with nearly no time to find a replacement. It was also recently announced that his net worth has drastically increased to a whopping $2 billion. So, he can afford to walk away from the $8.5 million that was on the table as the headliner at Coachella.

Coachella has since tapped The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia to headline this year's festival and offered The Weeknd much less than they were planning to pay Ye - just a few million, in fact. Well, The Weeknd was prepared to walk if he didn't get Ye's check and he not only got that but also an extra $500,000 in production costs.

Well deserved! If you ask me, his check should be more since he is putting together an entire set to headline the festival with only a week to get it all done!

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