Beyonce's Album, Renaissance, Reportedly Leaks Two Days Before Release

Beyonce is known to have an air-tight team. So, how tracks from her highly anticipated album, Renaissance, leaked two days before its scheduled release is unclear. What is crystal clear is the Beyhive is not happy with whomever leaked it and with whoever is choosing to listen on Twitter.

(For the record, Beyhive, we're patiently waiting for the official release. Haven't heard a beat. Promise.)

Some fans are questioning if the audio leaked is in fact from her upcoming album. Several listeners have pointed out the high-quality .flac files sound like completed projects from the album. It's also worth noting physical copies of the album are already on the shelves in Europe. So, maybe no one is getting fired and an excited fan was a little too eager and wanted to bless our ears early...?

Whatever the case, the Beyhive is on the job and some have even blamed Queen Naija!

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