Capitol Records Announces First Artificial Intelligence Rapper, FN Meka

We're really living in the future and it's a wild ride.

Capitol Records has just signed its first artificial intelligence rapper, FN Meka. The metaverse rapper already dropped his first single with rapper Gunna and gaming streamer, Clix, called Florida Water. The AI rapper was created by virtual record label Factory New. The label's co-founder Anthony Martini says "The old model of finding talent is inefficient and unreliable." He also notes that "a human voice performs the vocals, but we are working towards the ability to have a computer come up with and perform its own words – and even collaborate with other computers as 'co-writers.'"

Several rappers have taken to social media to express their dislike in the AI rapper saying this is very discouraging to upcoming rappers trying to provide for their families. Social media is also clapping back at FN Meka's language as he can be heard saying the 'N' word.

Despite the backlash, FN Meka has already garnered 500k monthly listeners on Spotify, 219k followers on Instagram, and 10.3 million followers on Tik Tok. Check out the new AI rapper's first single, Florida Water, here.

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