Chris Brown's Stalker Causes Crash on His Property

Gas prices are too high to be ruining the electric cars, but apparently, Chris Brown's new stalker thought it'd be worth it.

CB took to Instagram to reveal he has a new stalker.

“Bruh [eyes emoji] wtf?! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS PEOPLE REALLY FRIED!!!, he wrote on his story. “Another stalker … this time these folks done ran into somebody sh*t… sh*t look like the Hulk just placed this truck on top this Tesla.”

It's not clear whose car was who's, but what is clear is CB may have to start looking for a new home. In April, another stalker made it onto his property over 10 times! Also, in 2020 a stalker tried to make it over his gate, but was met with a not-so-sweet surprise, “Mental Illness is real!! She tried to sneak over the gate at my crib but she saw my dog and he saw her (What da F**k was my homie zooming into).” He appeared to be hanging out with friends at his home without security. Lastly, in 2015 a stalker made it all the way to his bed! She was arrested on felony burglary and felony vandalism charges, but CB gave her compassion on Twitter.

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